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Hello Traveller and welcome to my website ..

It's not finished.. at all .. but feel free to roam around...


I dedicated this site to historical novels for now, maybe in the future I will add some biographies.



I will focus my pages on the English Royal history at this moment because it fascinates me..


If you have any questions/suggestions please contact me and/or follow me on social media!

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10 October 2020

Site in progress..

So much time has passed.. I have been doing other stuff that interested me .. but I haven't forgotten this ..

i updated the Plantagents part one page up and to King Edward III , after that I have to figure out how to proceed because things get a bit complicated .. I also thought about creating a Mistresses page to list all mistresses and their novels .. maybe I will create that someday.


I posted about a new novel on Eleanor of provence, published this year on my social media accounts .

Been awhile since I was there too . or so I noticed ...

I will do my best to post more frequently since I am still enjoying this very much ...


bye for now!



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1 April 2019

The Attachements -The Duke of Brittany sideline

I added an extra storyline to follow.

That of Arthur of Brittany, nephew to Richard I and Jonh I and grandson to Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II.

Could not find a historical novel about Arthur, but I managed to find one about his sister Eleanor of Brittany.

Check out there story here.

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8 March 2019

New chapters and new Kings and Queens

I've been very busy, I changed my lay-out and split the royal line in chapters, that will make it easier for me to create new pages.

I made a Anglo saxon and Norman page and made the first creations to the Plantagenets part one..

Check out what to read about Henry 2, Richard 1 and John 1 and of course all their queens..

click on this link .

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1 March 2019
27 January 2019

The Last Norman King..

I added Stepen and his Wife ( another) Matilda of Boulogne..

Because of the unwillingness to folow a female leader the barons of England plunged their people in civil war known as the Anarchy, rightfull heir was Empress matilda but she was still in Normandy at the time of her fathers dead, Stephen crowned himself king saying the old king promised him that on his deathbed ..  and so a long powerstruggle began..


I will later add a Attachments page about matilda and her husbands.. because she never was a queen of England .. neither was her second husband Geoffrey of Anjou .. but their son Henry was to be the first Plantagenet king..

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20 January 2019

England-The Conqueror's sons

If you click on this link or go to the attachements page you will find the why and how of Williams three sons and the fights and wars they had between eachother.

Of course with plenty of novels to read about them so you can get truly lost in time ...


Each time I add a new attachement I will archive the previous page so you can keep reading!..


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17 January 2019
12 January 2019

New Post on Instagram

After the battle of hastings William and Matilda became the new King and Queen of England. We know a lot about William but not so much about his wife . Still there are plenty of good novels to be found around this very strong woman.

Check my Instagram page or follow me on twitter to find a few suggestions.

next I will try to post a few novels about William the Conqueror ..

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3 October 2018

England - The Attachments

I added an extra side page to my website to let you read about half sibblings and cousins of kings and queens who have their own novels and sometimes very interesting history but are not direct in line of succesion. First up are the childeren of Ethelred II by his first wife Aelgifu of York .


click here to go to this page



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