Added a new King and Queen of England

Published on 17 January 2019 at 23:08

I added King henry I and his wife and queen Matilda of Scotland.

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Fun fact:  Matilda's mother was a very famous woman for her time.

Queen margareth of Scotland ,or Saint Margareth as she was to be called and canonized, was a very pious and religious woman.

If you want read about her life in novel form read Queen Hereafter by Susan Fraser King .

After queen Matilda died , Henry remarried because he lacked a male heir when his only son died in the White Ship Tragedy.

Adeliza of Louvain is therefor also a queen but not important for the royal line of succession, perhaps I will add her on the Attachements page later.. Or write a small piece on her when we get to the Empress matilda.

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