Hello fellowtraveller.. this is me...


This started with the book Hannah's Gift by Philippa Gregory and has evolved over the years in to a serious dangerous obessesion. So bad, that to get my novels in chronological order I created a power Point presentation with a list of books to read about what royalty. Themed originally on queens only, I could at least add Gregory's entire work of the tudor -era and the last Plantagenet era before that.. tracing my steps further in history proved a very fun and difficult task.. sometimes finding a novel about a certain person would be very easy because of historical famous acts , some where very difficult to find ( a novel about queen Eleanor of castille anyone?).Later on I added some books about their famous spouses as well. .


So If you want to read yourself through history by novels... I've got just the thing for you!

If you have any suggestions or idea's , feel free to contact me!