England - Chapter One

from William to Victoria and from long boats to the Beatles

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Normally it begins with Romans, Saxons, invading vikings.. but to clear things i start with William of Normandy or William the Conqueror or William 1st.

On your left you will find the line of succession starting with William and ending with Henry 2nd.


But to understand why William invaded in the first place we need to step 1 king and Queen back in time.


Eduard the Confessor

There we find Eduard the Confessor who had a very long journey to the throne.. to understand that ,we need to know about the king and queen before Eduard and Edith of wessex.

Ethelred the Unready

Ethelred 2nd and his famous 2nd wife Emma of Normandy had a hard time keeping the vinkings from their coast.

Ethelred had every reason to fear the thread to his throne , he himself got acces to the throne through his mother, whom allegedly poisened her stepson so that her own son could claim the throne.



Find out more about Elfrida and her husband Edgar the peaceful or want to know more about your favorite king and queen?

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