England - Chapter two- Plantagenets part One

from William to Victoria and from long boats to the Beatles

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With the enthronement within his grasp, Henry FitzEmpress starts the reign of a new Dynasty: The Plantagenets.

The Plantagenets would rule for over 300 years and each and every king and queen left their mark on Englands history.

Some good, some bad.. some big and some very little.

The Plantagenet rule has a total of 8 Kings and 10 queens. Both Edward 1 and Richard II remarried after their first queen died.

I will dedicate this chapter to all but 7 kings beacause after that things get a little complicated.

So complicated that I am not sure If I will make an Attachement of the heirs of Edward III or collect them in the main storyline.

But before we arrive there we still have 18 different stories to tell.. let's begin with henry and Eleanor!

Henry FitzEmpress or Henry 2 & Eleanor of Aquitaine

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