Sometimes, history has to make a side step to make way for the bigger path in time, things need to be cleared up or explained better , someone married someone else before and had offspring who would later cause trouble for the right inheritence of the throne.. , some nephew survived and had a better claim or daughters had sons who would come to cause trouble in their mother's name.. find out below who was who, why and what .. and of course what to read to know a bit more about them.

Through Ethelred's first marriage to Aelfgifu of York he had a son named Edmund Ironside who would be a legitimate contender for the throne against Cnut and later Cnut's son Harthacnut.

Edmunds's son Edward had to flee the country with the invasion of the vikings and found his wife Agatha at the court of Kiev. They had a son called Edgar who would be a contender for the throne by the time William 1 invaded England.. read all about them in the novels mentioned below..

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