Sometimes, history has to make a side step to clear the way for the bigger path in time, things need to be cleaned up or explained better , someone married someone else before and had offspring who would later cause trouble for the right inheritence of the throne.. , some nephew survived and had a better claim or daughters had sons who would come to cause trouble in their mother's name.. find out below who was who, why and what .. and of course what to read to know a bit more about them.

William the Conqueror had three sons who survived infancy, William 2 or William Rufus, Robert Duke of Normandy or Robert Curthose and Henry beauclerc or henry I.

When William died William 2 was to inherit England, Robert became Duke of Normandy and henry gained nothing ( small amount of money but thats it )

Through chance and plotting and scheming and some sheer luck Henry conquered the crown and won over Normandy, read about him when you click this link.

But what about his older brothers? what did they do? How did they live?

Check out these novels below and read all about the conqueror's sons!

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